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Halletts Candies and Chocolates are made fresh with  only the finest ingredients!

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Halletts Assorted Chocolates

This tantalizing assortment includes freshly roasted nut clusters, fresh flavorful creams that are bursting with flavor and mouth watering luscious caramels. All are generously drenched in rich milk chocolate and robust dark chocolate.Halletts Choc 2

1-lb assortment $27.50  *  15 piece assortment $17.95  *  6 piece assortment $7.50

Huckleberry BlissHalletts Huckleberry sm delightful, flavorful huckleberry creams

Halletts Huckleberry Bliss 15 piece $17.95  *  4 piece $5.99

Almond Toffee Crunch – buttery toffee drenched in rich chocolate and smothered in freshly ground almonds

Halletts Almond Toffee Crunch         1 1/4-lb gift box $26.50  *  5 oz $7.75

Peanut Butter Crunch – tender, flaky – maded with gobs of natural peanut butter, plump roasted Spanish peanuts

1 1/4-lb gift box $18.95            5 oz $6.99

Sea Salt Caramels – butter caramels dusted with hand-harvested Grey Sea SaltSea Salt Caramels    15 piece $17.95  *  6 piece $7.50