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For your Health in 2015 – sip chocolate

Sipping Chocolate – Good for your Health

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Bellagio Sipping Chocolate

Award-winning Bellagio Sipping Chocolates are to the lover of fine chocolate what espresso is to the lover of fine coffee. Immerse your taste buds in this rich, dark bittersweet chocolate dessert drink with its lingering creamy mouth feel. Made with pure ingredients, including 100% pure cocoa powder and chocolate liqueur

According to a study conducted at Cornell University, the antioxidant concentration in hot cocoa is almost twice as strong as red wine. Cocoa’s concentration was two to three times stronger than that of green tea and four to five times stronger than that of black tea.
Although a regular bar of chocolate has strong antioxidant activity, the health benefits may be outweighed because of the saturated fats present — cocoa generally has much less fat per serving compared to the 8 grams of fat in a standard chocolate bar.


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